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Iran-Khodro Industrial Dies Company, as the designer and manufacturer of large and advanced industrial dies and also the producer of press parts, assemblies and bodies in the automotive industry, has the following principal objectives in its agenda:

“The highest quality production, with the most suitable price, the shortest possible time, and the healthiest and safest working environment, with the least harmful impacts on the environment, protecting the rights of the beneficiaries and future generations, and helping the sustainable development of the country”


This company has laid all its processes and activities on the following noble concepts:

Being results-oriented and customer-oriented through wise leadership of human capital and the basic processes bearing added value for the society, customers, business partners, shareholders and other beneficiaries, as well as continuous learning from one’s own and others’ successes and failures, the continuous flow of innovations in order to apply continuous improvement in the products, services and professional activities.

And the company has taken into consideration the standards of ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 as the bases for action and the management systems.

In addition to the requirements of these standards, observing and exceeding the specific requirements of the customer, legal requirements and national standards, and other requirements that are part of the company’s obligations, are considered necessary and inevitable, and all leaders, employees and suppliers, who are within the scope of activities affecting the company’s performance, are required to consider compliance with these requirements as a prerequisite for the continuation of their win-win relationship with Iran-Khodro Industrial Dies Company.

Our most significant principles and orientations, which are necessary and mandatory to pay attention to in all the processes and for all the employees, include the following principal approaches:

  • Observance of the behavioral principles and ethical policies by all the employees at all organizational levels and the institutionalization of sense of anti-bribery and disclosure of confidential information in line with the realization of organizational values and culture.
  • Prevention instead of modification by identifying and taking action and eliminating the potential and actual causes of non-conformities, reducing resource and energy consumption, rework, waste, injuries and diseases.
  • Increasing the participation of the company’s human capital in all quality, environmental, safety and health matters by empowering them and creating a safe and healthy environment in terms of physical, psychological and social points of view, and propelling the atmosphere and methods of doing work through human-centered systems and the development of cooperative and innovative systems.
  • Employing modern technology and technical knowledge and increasing the production by identifying the current and future needs of the customers, increasing the competitiveness and customer orientation of the company and turning the company into an influential, efficient and productive organization in the national and international arena, and being reputed as an environment-friendly, safe, healthy and results-oriented organization.
  • Continuous identification, evaluation and control of the factors leading to the reduction of product quality, safety of the work environment and prevention of unnecessary increase in the consumption of energy carriers and materials and the occurrence of diseases (physical, mental and social) and taking proactive action by preventing defects, accidents, non-compliances and diseases.
  • Training and upgrading the level of organizational knowledge to improve the quality of work.


I consider myself and all the managers of the organization to be responsible for the effectiveness of the quality, safety and environmental management systems, and I commit to providing the necessary resources, achieving the formerly mentioned goals, and continuously improving the occupational health and safety management system. In addition to my personal commitment, I have appointed a representative to continuously monitor the activities in accordance with the requirements of the management systems, and I consider the fulfillment of these requirements to be one of the main duties of the honorable managers and employees of “Iran Khodro Industrial Dies Company” and declare it as one of the most substantial duties and values.


Ali Mousavi

The Managing Director


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