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This unit is able to measure and control the quality of the surface of all kinds of industrial and automotive parts, without dimensional restrictions and with high accuracy, using the portable equipment of the Tritop and ATOS systems of the German gom company.

This system is an optical three-dimensional measurement system that is used without physical contact of the device with the object to be measured and in order to extract three-dimensional coordinates from the object and prepare cloud points with a density of 1,400,000 Point/MeasureArea. This technology is used in the automotive industry, reverse engineering, quality control analysis, mold design and manufacturing, and preparation of basic information (CAD DATA).

The input of this system includes all physical parts (mold, fixture, gauge panel, etc.) and CAD DATA, and its output includes: Asci, … for G3D- C3D- STL- VDA- igsWire.

The capabilities of this device are:

  1. 3D measurement of all kinds of parts without dimensional restrictions
  2. Measuring the coordinates of the holes, contour edges and preparing the section of the parts
  3. Comparison between the measured information of the parts with the basic CAD DATA in terms of manufacturing defects, deformation, the amount of changes in the surface and the spring return
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