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Iran Khodro Industrial Dies Company, a knowledge-oriented company based on organizational values, designer and manufacturer of all types of metal Dies for car body, digest Dies, producer and assembler of press parts for car body by providing globally competitive and compliant products with quality and environmental standards in line with the realization of the interests of all stakeholders in production and service activities in domestic and international markets.


A leading organization with knowledge-based employees inside and outside the country, with the first rank in the Middle East in the field of designing and manufacturing all kinds of car Dies and the top producer of pressed parts in the country with the ability to be present in international markets.


We, the leaders and employees, in line with the common values of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, with double effort and perseverance in the path of excellence, we value learning, creativity and teamwork, and by focusing on the demands of customers, respect for human beings and protecting the interests of our stakeholders. We are responsible for product quality, environmental, safety and social issues.

Strategic results

  1. Sustainable profitability
  2. Achieving quality and competitive strength in target markets
  3. Development of technical knowledge of employees in the design and development of products based on market needs and in accordance with international standards
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